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Friday, February 21, 1997

Chistopher Dodd & Illegal Fundraising

WASHINGTON Senator Christopher Dodd attended the February 6 1996 coffee clatch with President Bill Clinton and Mr. Wang Jun, a Chineese Arms Dealer, according to White House records. Adviser to the Paraguayan President Mr. Carlos Mersan also was in attendance the Boston Globe reported.

President Clinton later conceded the “ clearly inappropriate” nature of the affair.

Dodd, the former Democratic National Committee General Chairman, attended more than one questionable fundraiser with President Clinton. Dodd also was in attendance at the December 21 1995 White House private clatch with Mr. James Belcher, a Connecticut constituent, who gave $50,000 the same day. The Connecticut business constituent was seeking Dodd’s influence and intervention with the U. S. State Department for a problem his company was having in Liberia.

Roll Call, the Capital Hill newspaper reports Mr. Belcher paid $120,000 after receiving Dodd’s help.

Dodd has become the target of the Clinton Justice Departments investigation into Democratic influence peddling. Some critics wonder if the Clinton Justice Department may be capable of investigating high level Democrats.

In 1995 Dodd, the second-ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, bowed to Corporate interests on legislation which resulted in a bonanza of corporate cash for Democrats. Dodd has deep roots with Connecticut's Banking and Insurance conglomerates.

"Dodd is the guy who delivered a huge amount of money," Ralph Nader said. "he is the preeminent corporate Democrat."

"If you are the head of the party, you are responsible for it." said Ellen Miller Public Campaign, a group advocating camping finance reform.

Dodd took over the DNC General Chairmanship in January 1995. That same year Dodd sponsored legislation limiting rights of shareholders to sue Corporate Directors for fraud. Dodd led an extraordinary effort requiring a two-thirds majority on behalf of corporate interests.

Dodd received $213,000 from corporate donors while working to pass the legislation giving Corporate Officers special legal protection and restricting the rights of ordinary shareholders. "Dodd is a magnet for this money," said Karen Evans an independent consumer advocate researcher.