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Saturday, February 05, 1994

Can America Rule the World?

from Signal Magazine Septermber 1941
Signal Magazine was a German World War II publication
in 25 languages

Roosevelt: Emperor of the Earth?

Berlin, second number of September of 1941
number 18 of the year 1941 [ Sp 18 ]pages 4-5 and 33-34

To And Johann

"Signal" today initiates a series of articles dedicated to the policy of Roosevelt. First, which we publish in this number, shows how the imperialism of the dollar extends its tentacles around the Earth. The second will describe how Roosevelt has driven American community to a military psychosis. Third we will respond to the question: "Can United States Dominate The World" "

Current History", perhaps the most read political magazine of the United States, recently published time an article of Basil C. titled Walker "America’s Destiny". "Current History" belongs to the publishing house of the "New York Times" and has all the informative services on inner and outer policy whereupon it counts as an east newspaper, whose narrow relations with the outstanding circles of the economy and American policy are well known.

"Our Day Has Arrived"

–This is our task the article of Walker– to appropriate to us with audacious resolution the present situation and to guide the course of the events by channels that lead to a world like which we wished. The only peace that interests them is Pax Americana, which is of an identical sense to what was called the Pax Romana and Pax Britannica... When helping England we wore away our mortal enemy... Our America is prepared in agreement by its history for the paper that is to represent. The circumstances of the world-wide situation indicate that it is the only nation able to occupy a directive position, does not stop to save to Europe or the European system, but to make to America head of all the free men of the entire world at the American time that now dawns. The more time we vacillate, as much the more lasts and bloody it will be our task. A fast decision is also most intelligent. Our day has arrived. We must break the march here and now!

The outstanding monthly political magazine of the United States expresses finally of once in these phrases where Roosevelt goes: Not towards the defense of the democracies or the Western Hemisphere, not even towards the defense against the "aggressors", but simply towards the hegemony of the world, its economic and also political conquest. "pax then American" does not represent another thing that the domination of the world from Washington, in the same way that that "pax British" did not mean another thing that the denomination of the system that put to the service of the vast interests of London parts of the Earth but, understood well, without developing his.

The lines of the article of the Basil C. Walker contain the program of an aggression directed not only against Germany but against all Europe and Africa, their great complementary space; not only against Japan, but against all Asia and the countries of the Sea of the South It mainly affects the Reich that the South American States are only treated like political economic vassals and by their great brother of the North, because he is tie with some of them by an old friendship. By the others, if it is done without England, Europe has always respected the doctrine of Monroe. The two States of Americas can resolve as they want his subjects. We not inmiscuimos us.

But as much more respect demands Europe and Eastern Asia for their own "Monroe Doctrine". America can do whatever pleases to him in defense of its hemisphere, but neither to a boy it can be convinced or that it needs to today protect it in Central Africa, Batavia or the Urals. Roosevelt tries to become emperor of the world and she is pleased in representing the paper of a Luis XIV of the present one for who all the Earth roundness is indeed the quite great thing like arena of its imperialistic actions.

Two Great Powers Slide Towards The Anything

Roosevelt can already write down two great successes in which nobody, hade two years –y still uno– he had been able to believe: both greater complexes of States of the modern age have yielded their directive position to the United States and happen to a more and more deep dependency of Washington: The British Empire and the Soviet Union. Both are implorantes before the doors of America, arranged to give the most valuable parts of their patrimony and, if credit to some English voices is granted, until its independence. They know that of another way as soon as they could offer resistance by more time to the Europe that defends itself with enormous might. Then this small Europe continues fighting tenacious, bloody and triunfalmente to destroy in its borders the frightful danger of the Bolshevism. And to the other end of the Eurasian continent Japan, quiet, patient and ready to the jump mounts the guard, responding to each blow with a counterstroke.

But both they are occupied. One in the war against Soviets; the other, in the war against Chunking. Therefore, they cannot defend since they would do it if they had the free hands. And Roosevelt takes advantage of the occasion to surround to Europe and Japan, and to put to them the knot sliding with which she tries to strangle them; he even serves for it an alliance to him with Moscow, if he allows the jump him on the Asian continent by the backs of Japan.

America tries to settle down in all the Earth angles susceptible to become o'clock to begin with for attacks against Europe and Eastern Asia. All the means are adapted to obtain it: Economic pressure, military violence, you intrigue, and cultural propaganda. A return around the Earth will prove it.

Steps Through the Atlantic

According to the "New York Times", the United States wants to force Brazil to assume the protectorate of Azores. The firm attitude of Portugal as opposed to the "interests" of the United States by the islands outposts of the West of the African northern coast, statements with too much clarity, has made cautious to Washington. Perhaps –se thinks about the United States; the Portuguese to the occupation of Azores resign themselves more easily if they are made not by the United States, but by Brazil, its great South American daughter. Any attempt is welcome to disturb the relations between Europe and South America. But Portugal has reinforced incessantly the military trimmings of Azores, the Green Cabo and Wood. Not yet bear Washington to come with violence: The violence against the small Portugal would unmask with too much clarity its true intentions; for that reason one uses as Brazil.

The occupation of these islands, between which it also appears the Spanish group of the Canary Islands, would not only protect South America –como is dicho– against "aggressions" of the authoritarian States. The one has more importance than, with his possession, America would control the sea communications between Europe and Africa, to the south of the Sahara. Washington knows with enough exactitude that South America is not threatened by Germany not by Italy; it rather wants to make sure through the Atlantic the steps from which could not only fall on the Southwest of Europe, but also to take his influence to the immediacy of Africa. It tries to create in its western part a bridgehead to Europe.

Why They Had To Leave Wavell

According to it affirmed to "Washington Times" at the beginning of July, the differences to it between Churchill and Wavell, that ended finally at the destitution of the last one of their position of military commandant of the Eastern Mediterranean, was imputable mainly to that Wavell shared with the Americans the criterion of which the British position in the Eastern Mediterranean could not be maintained in the long run. The front to a line drawn up through Africa was due to retire, to the South of the Sahara. With this it would be frees for the Atlantic the English fleet of the Mediterranean, hard harassed; in addition, the Americans, with the British, could concentrate then their efforts on the West of Africa. Wavell, therefore, had very good press in the United States, but it did not manage to prevail, but that was sent to India. Por.de.pronto, did not repeat the attack to Dákar.

The Wall of Europe

However, American consuls of race for ports without importance of the West of Africa named relatively, regular lines of airplanes settled down with them and the naval traffic intensified. The commerce of the United States with Africa has risen in 1940 in a 40% with respect to the one of 1939. From this year, the American export towards Africa contains important effects of armament and articles for the supplying of troops. This is comprehensible if –el equatorial Africa is known that to the most southern end of the French Empire in Africa Francesca– it is had separated of the Government of Vichy and is prevailed by those in favor of of Gaulle. From French equatorial Africa to anglian-Egyptian Sudan, through the Belgian Congo, also hostile to Europe, and from Kenya to the Cabo Guardafui, an Anglo-American cord extends that is continued by the North, happening through pressed Egypt, Palestine and Transjordan, to Syria and Iraq, reduced by the force.

In the Persian Gulf is the wall of all Europe that radiates from America to the East with the sliding bow that the United States has thrown towards the West, through East Indian the Pacific Oceans and, with the aim to strangle Eastern Asia. Then the American capital candle in the petroliferous fields of the Bahrain islands by the petroleum supplying for the troops and English ships of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. The wall of Europe jumps from the Persian Gulf towards India. Here the intermediate links of Turkey and Iran need still. Although these States nothing wish with more vehemence than to conserve their neutrality, they increase to newspaper the indications that the Anglos-American set out to as little respect the sovereignty of Iran as those of Syria and Iraq. As usual, they will serve as pretext "machinations anglófobas of German subjects in Iran", although the government of Tehran has declared officially that the 650 German residents in the country come with absolute correction and cannot be spoken of no "threat". English and the American also try, with the most varied pretexts, to force Afghanistan to form in the anti-European front.

Europe, American Economic Colony?

If the South African Union is added that, with its gold production, only the decisive one, is given to the good will completely and buying desire of the United States, since the agrarian products of the Union are invendibles at the present time, and that the parts of Africa located to the South of the Sahara need with urgency, in the economic aspect, of the United States, only country that can act of buyer in them, recognizes the North American project clearly to make depend to all the Africa of its benevolence to control it finally, not only economically but also in the aspects political and military.

In addition it is said that engineers, technicians and specialist workers construct in Bathursi, African ground (British Gambia, to the south of Dákar), aerodromes, runways and quarters, that or announce interventions in Liberia and that, next to the completed occupation or of Greenland and Iceland, also in northern Ireland settle down air bases by American technicians; all this indicates with the greater clarity than America wants to put under its dominion not only to the Reich or Italy, but all Europe, with inclusion of the Great Britain. It hopes to be able to demonstrate that Europe is given in its feeding to the good will of America and that, in addition, can militarily also be sanctioned by her. Europe, with inclusion of England, must transform itself into an obedient economic colony to America; this represents that, from the point of view of Washington, difference between the different European States does not exist already.

If the unconditional support is observed finally that the United States renders to Soviets, whose aggressive aims against all Europe –que, to be obtained, they had destroyed the continent like concept cultural– they have demonstrated long ago, is that the totality of the European States constitutes a destiny community that is to defend common vital rights against the common enemy and the threat.

Tentacles Towards Asia

With the same consequent lack of respect that is in the Atlantic, take part the United States in Asia, through the Pacific. Here they are Japan and the powers allied with him, or friends, like Manchuko, China de Nanking, the French Indochina and Thailand, that is exposed a pressure of America, that grows constantly. Also Roosevelt tries here to make the ring more and more narrow strangler. Putting to contribution all the forces and resources, they are of military, economic or political nature, complete America the wall of Japan, preponderant power in Eastern Asia.

Ever since the Bolshevism, harassed with hardness by the force of Europe, has take refuge in the Americans in a situation similar to the vasallaje, in analogous form to the English Empire, has Roosevelt the possibility also of surrounding to Japan from the North, a thing that until only now had obtained in a very incomplete way. Alaska, whose western end comes near to few miles of the most Eastern end of the Northeast of Siberia, and that has in the extensive chain of the Aleutian Islands a species of bridge towards Asia of the Northeast, already transformed a long time ago into an important base for the American fleet and aviation. The military port of Dutch Harbor in the great Aleutian island of Unalaska became equivalent the northern one of the great Pearl Harbor of Oahu, the most important island of the archipelago of Hawaii; Hawaii solidly constitutes the fortified nucleus of the American advance in the Pacific Ocean.

One did not advance in the North of the great Ocean because frequent weathers and thick fog remove value the Aleutians and the South coast of Alaska. The Americans, who had not either granted disinterestedly their aid to Soviets, try that the Bolsheviks yield bases to them to the Northeast of Siberia. Since they have granted or his complete support to the Russians, he can consider itself safe that they have put foot or they will soon put it in Kamchatka, the coast of the sea of Okhotsk, in the opening of the Amur or perhaps until in Vladivostok. From they could there go towards the Asian continent airplane combat formation without touching in absolute the Japanese territory of interests. With it they would be immediately before the doors of the Japanese Empire. He must be mentioned to this intention that is Soviet the North part of the long island of Sakalin, located before the opening of the Amur, while the meridional belongs to Japan.

The American efforts of predominance have extended incessantly to the Pacific. Systematically –a was improved the bridge from Hawaii towards the Philippines which the United States has promised for 1946 the appearance of liberty,– that today one extends by the neerlandesas Thailand, Singapore and Indians and English. The strongpoints of the islands Johnston and Palmira, to the Southwest and the South of Hawaii, had been finished the 15 of August already. Works are made in the islands of Howland and Endervury, more to the Southwest (in the archipelago of the Fénix). The naval base and aerial American of Tutuila (Samoa islands) long ago that is fortified and completes with the British islands of Fiji. The bridge towards New Zealand and Australia. More to the North, they were developed constantly, in the direction of the Philippines, the Midway islands, Wake, Marcus and Guam.

In the Philippines one works with great activity in the extension of the strongpoints Corregidor and Cavite, in the bay of Manila, and also in others. The American bombers flew towards Java, because the neerlandesas Indians have become kill already time a simple instrument of the American policy. Aerodromes in Borneo settle to cover by the flank, in the sea of southern China, the position of Singapore. Perhaps for this port there was in necessary case the possibility of defending it only with Air Force and naval Americans.

The existence of a military between the United States, the Dutch England, Indians and British alliance, the Government of Chunking, Australia and New Zeeland is an open secret in the Far East. In agreement with this collaboration directed by the United States, America has destined 40 million dollars to the construction of aerodromes in the Southwest of China. The United States and England want to have prepared 600 airplanes in Kweiyang and other localities of the Southwest of China and to honor 200 pilots there. In addition, the special envoy from Roosevelt to Moscow, Hopkins, has prepared a military alliance between the Soviet Union and the Government of Chunking. On the other hand, Moscow must commit itself to finish with Anglo-American aid the railway branch that starting off of the Turk-Siberian runs in direction This towards the interior of Asia, until arriving at Lantchau, in Kansu, through Singkiang.

In the border of Burma with Thailand, Indochina and China arise aerodromes, fuel tanks, hangars and quarters constructed with money and by American engineers. The increase of the English trimmings of Singapore, the State of Malaya and Burma allows to deduce surely that the Anglo-Saxons have been preparing in Thailand an action of violence against a small State, analogous to developed in the Iraq and which constitutes for many years in India and Egypt the fundamental characteristic of the English policy. Indochina has escaped to the Anglo-American blow since him French government was united opportunely to the Japanese, calling to them to the country to protect the own interests and the Japanese. Also Thailand inclines of the Japanese side, as they prove his last political initiatives.

It is evident that Chiang Kai-shek, the tenacious defender of the rest of China, does not obtain by own merits cargo planes and new loans (10 million pounds sterling and 50 million dollars). It constitutes the continental sword of the Anglos-American against the rear of the Japanese position in Southeastern Asia, region where in no case it must reign to the calm. In fact, it is tried for the Americans to open to his economic imperialism the Chinese market, of immense possibilities, and to be able to operate it. Chiang Kai-shek, if the American plans are obtained, will be demoted as soon as has fulfilled its obligation. In the same way which England, by means of its policy of the "equilibrium of forces", has had always to Europe in the impotence putting itself to of the country weakest front to the first power in height, also the United States operates today with unequivocal clarity in the great game that is ventilated in Asia: They support to the debilitated Soviet Union and Chiang Kai-shek, harassed already in the most distant provinces of the Southwest, to asphyxiate this way to the Japan and that does not assume in agreement with its capacities and their force the direction of the Far East.

And why? Evasion of Their Own Problems

Also in Eastern Asia, in the same way that in Europe, the United States wants to prevent at all costs that the countries of that zone arrive to each other at a sensible conciliation of their just vindications. This process would send to themselves to the United States. But in the own country of Roosevelt all the problems and tasks wait for the solution that cannot be solved by traditional means: it is easier to inmiscuir themselves everywhere and to turn to the world battlefield of American imperialism creation of Roosevelt.

If the countries of the British Empire agree voluntarily to be vassals of Washington, then Europe and Eastern Asia, the old cradles of civilization, cannot fold to the dominion of an American class that expresses all their values in dollars and consider the films of Hollywood cultural achievements of the highest order.

Berlin, second number of October of 1941
number 20 of the year 1941 [ Sp 20 ]
pages 6 and 34-35
To And Johann

Can America Rule the World?

"Signal" has exposed in its two previous numbers the form in which the president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, has tended on all Earth the tentacles of the imperialism of the dollar and what made to drag the American town to a psychosis military. In the third article, "Signal" describes why it will not be possible to the United States to dominate the world.

"We are now already the true owners of the world". The American student of Yale that pronounced this phrase with youthful unconcern before the students of the University-College and a dozen of foreigners in the Lower-Refectory of the London Gowerstreet considered a little to his listeners, partly affected and partly smiling burlesquely.

"England is a beautiful country, a country re wealth and tradition. The Americans we admired its history. Also to us usually they impress the great names that we heard here every day. Nevertheless –quisiera repetirlo–, we are now already the true owners of the world, because we have all whatever have the English: We.ve got the men, we.ve got the ships, we, sees got the money too. We have the men, we have the boats and we also have the money!

They have spent almost ten years from that speech of the student of Yale. The one that then it was inadvertent between silences glacial of English and the energetic protest del some foreigners, it today dominates the policy of world-wide power and even of world-wide hegemony of the United States. In the same way which that Yankee student demanded for the Americans the threat of the old British patrioteros, therefore the North American official policy today demands for its country the economic and imperialistic positions, to which the Great Britain resigns unavoidably, to the object to incorporate them of methodical way to an ample system of elimination of the Empire and extension of its power. The imperialistic ones of Washington wanted to accept the inheritance of the English Empire. Can the United States reach this objective? They are in situation to dominate the world, as before England did?

In order to be able to respond to this question it is precise to evoke the development of the British Empire from his height to his decay.

The Empire as an Example

The inner structure of the British Empire during the time which we could call classic of execution can be transformed in a very simple formula: The extra-European possessions of England produced agricultural raw materials or industrial and they provided them to the metropolis; the Great Britain consumed, given them by itself its great density of population, transmitted them to the European Continent, also very populated, or it transformed with his developed them to industry into finished products and articles of consumption of the diverse nature.

The ultramarine possessions like producers and suppliers of raw materials, England as its buyer and as manufacturer and supplier of the most varied classes of manufactures, but at the same time like their insuring sender and, but mainly like superior capitalist: according to this internal procedure the British Empire was built.

The own agriculture of the metropolis was victim of this fundamental arrangement of the Empire. It could not subsist in accordance with the fundamental norms of the imperial policy, because England must have great capacity of consumption for agricultural products in overseas mass: the Canadian wheat, the wool of Australia, the Argentine and Australian meat, mantequilla New Zealander, the Canadian and South African apples and the Indian and Egyptian cotton. On the other hand, it had to develop his industry much more of which they demanded his own necessities, to be able to provide all to these countries, in beneficial interchange with those raw materials, articles of the most varied nature, for which it needed the overseas raw materials again: tin and rubber of the Malayan States, jute of India, gold of the Union Sudafricana and Australia, copper of Africa and South America, etc., but also iron of Sweden and Spain, with which it partly incorporated these countries to his system.

The Overseas Countries Could Not Have Industry

England prevented at all costs, with absolute consequence, that the dependent States of her organized an own finished article industry. Thus, the old and artistic textile industry India systematically was ruined by England with object to force the Indians to buy products of Láncaster.

England saw the guarantee of this thoughtless but consequent system of domination in a fleet military superior to all the others, in a very graft and methodical network of bases, that extended by all Earth, but also, which has been had very rarely in account, its aspiration to have the greater and more powerful fleet merchant and more hard and credited organization of insurances. By means of the "Lloyd.s Register of Shipping", taken in England and recognized everywhere, was even obtained a continuous control of all the merchant Earth ships. If the square assured the English demands in case of a armed conflict, the merchant fleet and the insurances, directed both from London, put into the hands of the British the possibility of orienting, also during La Paz, the commerce and the economy of the ultramarine countries in accordance with their interests.

The world war buried the position of England, that never, since then, has returned to be what was before. Its attempt to prevent the height of a Germany with which, as much before that conflict as before the present fight, it had been able to find a balance intelligent, cost the destruction to him of the only foundations on which its power was based safe. Almost all the dependent States of England, officially or no, founded during the great war, after more and more high tariff barriers, an own industry; this mainly affected the English suppliers. In Canada, for example, process hurried of such east way that the industrial sector of the Canadian economy has been coming near in importance to the agriculturist for one long series of years. The same it can be applied to the South African Union, Australia and almost all the greater States of South America.

The tendency to the autarky that after the world war was made everywhere –que more and more perceivable reproached Germany as a crime and declared one of the causes of the conflagration actual– it arose in fact like a test of industrial autarky between the ultramarine towns that were originally producing of raw materials. As the Reich found greater difficulties every time for the export of its industrial products, it could not either obtain in exchange for them food in the same proportion as before. The necessity, therefore, forced to look for the possible amplest autarky to him, as much in the land of the feeding like in the one of the first industrial matters, and in addition to establish commercial relations mainly with the arranged countries to give raw materials to him in exchange for its manufactures.

Therefore, some does not treat in way of a malevolent attack of Germany against the old world-wide economic system, that was directed in the essential by the London power station, but of a general and forced evolution whose causes were created already during the European war, under the pressure of the circumstances, and not certainly by the Reich –which had been completely incapable to do it, because it was completely isolated of Ultramar–, but by England, that it tried to destroy with all his power the possible German competitor. The Great Britain could not notice that it buried aon bases it of its own force.

During the world war what less it could prevent England for his own misfortune, it was the fast height of the United States. One even was forced at all costs to support this height that threatened its position of world-wide power much more of which Germany had wanted or been able to do it, since, in last term, only America could still lend to England the decisive aid against the Germany that defended itself tenaciously.

The United States Was Like a Colonial Country

The United States was until the great war in spite of their independence to so high obtained price, was as much economic country of colonial character as culturally. They provided raw materials and they received –sobre everything of Inglaterra– manufactures and investments of capital. Until the world war, they economically altogether continued being, a colonial country, which was reflected, like always, in which very they were pawned with the foreigner and specially with the Great Britain.

This situation was reversed completely during the European war. The United States was transformed of indebted country into the greater deserving Earth nation. All its industry had grown enormously and the union appeared in first row between the great industrial States. But at the same time, also its production of agricultural and industrial raw materials acquired unsuspected level. The United States arose the more hard from the war turned capitalist power of the world. England, that had made this war to exclude the Reich of the participation in the Earth dominion, had to accept to North America like a much more dangerous companion. During the great war they already sounded in the United States voices that demanded for America the direction of the world. Since then they have not been calmed down.

The Objective of Roosevelt and its Difficulties

A wave of uncertain confidence and desperate hope took to Roosevelt to its position when the economic depression had reached its lower point and was the country before the doors of the chaos. Roosevelt has not obtained either, in spite of many attacks, to pass of a provisional solution of the political difficulties and economic interiors. The failure of the "New Deal" was disguised by means of continuous expenses in great scale.

While previous American governments had taken the inner difficulties like exhortation and reason to stay free as far as possible of outer complications, in agreement with the doctrine of Monroe, believed Roosevelt to have to use the inverse principle: at the most desperately its inner policy ran aground, with as much greater inserted impetus followed the map course of the great ones of the history of the extraAmerican world. When the "New Deal" in the inner policy failed, perhaps a "New Deal" in the outside promised to success and salvation also for the inner difficulties. Roosevelt has been making for years already, step by step, a policy whose objective, confessed more and more openly, is the domination of the world by the United States of North America. Other factors very different from the will and the desire of the American President will decide if this objective will be reached sometimes. And here the fundamental problem is provoked if America it can to happen to the Great Britain in the domination of the world.

England since Empire is lost already this war and can only continue it because America has indicated the paper to it to be in front Eastern of its imperialism and supports so much to him moral as materially. The Great Britain has had to already yield to the United States most of its ultramarine capitalist interests. In addition, politically already it is a mere appendix, a protectorate of the United States. But if North America wants to inherit the positions and rights of England anywhere in the world will have to also assume the duties of England. But the United States cannot to do it and its aspiration to the world-wide hegemony will crash finally in this obstacle.

Europe for Himself, the "Colonial Ones" for Himself?

The great European economic space, as now it begins to outline itself, cannot be demolished already nor by the most impenetrable blockade at a distance Anglo-American. After the initial difficulties, this space will be able of an own, independent and balanced life. Although England continues subsisting in its present situation will not play role of importance like consumer nor like producer. All parts of world which until the beginning of this war they depended economically on the Great Britain (that was much more of the included/understood thing in the Empire) will be reduced later to the United States like only possible contractor. With other words: The "colonial ones" will form a group (doing without the Far East like scene of a still confused evolution). But they cannot exist forming a group and counting only on his resources. The United States sails with all the candles unfolded towards a situation, that in way some will be able to dominate if they obtain it.

Countries like Brazil, Canada or Australia live specially on the sale of their raw materials. It is precise not to let itself deceive by the febrile present rearmament of the United States; it represents in last term a state temporary and considered an enormous saturation of the North American reserves economically, that sometimes will be reached.

North America cannot acquire either all the Canadian and Australian wheat nor the Brazilian, Indian or Egyptian cotton because it produces enormous excessive of all these products. Like of many others. It cannot economically assume the role that before carried out the metropolis English because it is not a country that is complemented with the "colonial ones". But that represents for them a competitor in the market of raw materials.

Dangers of The Abundance

Already before this war, the American industry had extended desperately for the times of peace. The present rearmament still impels it more. When it returns to reign La Paz on the Earth, the necessity will arise for the Americans to export with intensity never registered until now. But then they will hit the young industry of other "colonial" countries, that will be able to as much resign less to her whichever minor is the part of their agricultural overproduction which they can yield to the United States.

The Americans now leave the step buying everywhere harvests that cannot consume not even to carry, because they lack for this not only the boats, but also –desde does tiempo– the warehouses. Today one notices since the dependent extraEuropean territories of Angloamérica cannot live without the mass of consumers of the British metropolis and continental Europe. In the same way that cannot continue acquiring ultramarine harvests limitlessly, it is not either able America to afloat maintain his agriculture, in the long run, with premiums for invendibles wheats otherwise or perhaps until without seeding.

What Would Have To Make America?

In the first part of this article the development of England was exposed so extensively to make evident now that America cannot gather its inheritance. It would have to be decided to a as consequent economic policy as the made one in his time by the Great Britain: It would have to destroy radically his own agriculture to be able to consume immense agrarian products of the other ultramarine countries and would have to destroy the young industries of Canada, Brazil, Australia, the South African Union and Argentina to force to them to acquire his manufactures.

Both things are impossible for multiple reasons of which examples are mentioned more ahead. America now creates to be able to save by means of loans the difficulties that are accumulated everywhere; in fact, it does not do more than to worsen them in the long run, because the indebted countries will have to sell still more, to pay to interests and amortizations, his excesses of products, that without it did not find exits already. Perhaps the American rearmament can still guard, at the present moment, this dependency, but soon it will demonstrate still more clearly the inner contradiction of the American aspiration of hegemony.

Theoretically it would be still possible that the United States forced the other producers of agricultural raw materials to restrict or to suppress this production. The world-wide plans of culture that America publishes now for the wheat, the cotton persecute evidently this objective, etc. But this does not offer a practicable exit either, because the States would cut with it of their own meat, because the less cotton it produces and Australia bandage, for example, the less cars and radios will be able to buy.

But although North America managed to govern the extraEuropean world with the end of its bayonets, this world would have to pay it with a devastation still impossible to anticipate in its industrial activities and their agriculture. America cannot govern it because it will never be natural contracting complement and of "the colonial" countries; this task can be fulfilled only by Europe and Eastern Asia. The fight that the Anglo-Saxons free against Europe, becomes in fact against they themselves and the parts of the world submissive economically its trusteeship.

Examples That Confirm The Development

Some at random taken examples will prove that the process accurately has been described.

The United States, like deserving country, had had to guard because its balance of trade was passive, which means to cover with merchandise and services the financial commitments with the foreigner. Instead of it they have forced at all costs his export. The surplus of its foreign trade rose from 480 million dollars in 1934 to 850 in 1939; that is to say, to almost the double! According to strictly capitalist principles, a completely erroneous policy for an deserving country.

In the course of a year and means the American export of cotton has been reduced more of a million monthly bullets to 72,000. With object to clear it and to exclude from the business the South American cotton high subventions to the destined one were paid to Canada.

Although producing sensibly, it would have America that to do all the possible one to maintain its market to the natural, own or foreign product admission open textile (wool, silk, cotton, etc.), develops to the most possible its industry of the artificial silk (in the course of a year –de 1939 to 1940– the American production of artificial silk happened of 330 to 390 million pounds).

The export of meats of New Zealand has descended since it began since the war of 350,000 to 180,000 tons annual began. The United States cannot take part like buyers.

Before the war, the countries center and South Americans sold Europe, 65% of their excess of raw materials; the United States cannot acquire this amount, not even in the high conjuncture of their rearmament.

The Argentine Government has had to buy in block the obtained maize harvest east year and the previous one by its agriculturists, because nowhere, and less in North America, there were exit possibilities.

Also in Paraguay he has had the State that to buy the tobacco harvest of two years.

More than half of the 250 million ovine head of cattle in the five more important producing wool countries one has become superfluous after the loss of Europe like buyer, because no longer there is for his wool the smaller possibility of exit.

The excesses of the four first producing countries of wheat calculate like minimum in 1.000 million of bushels; in the days of peace, it must be sold at least half. What can make the United States?

In New Zealand and Australia it has been declared already by official part that cannot be expected of North America an effective aid to the ultramarine countries whose products do not find market.

Excessive of wheat existing the today overseas they are able to cover during two years, even peacefully, the necessity of import worldwide. How they want the States –prescindiendo of "puentes"– to take part here like aids?

The number of examples could increase voluntarily. All prove the same: Preséntese as the problem, the inner contradiction of the North American aspiration is wanted to dominate economically, and politically, therefore, the world, leads to insurmountable difficulties. The attempt has to fail because it needs all the natural previous requirements. The part of the world controlled by America only can live in the long run if the United States resigns to the sterile war of destruction against the New Europe and allows to find to the world a new standard order.


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