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Thursday, September 09, 1993

Clinton Racist Somalia Policy

Why are U.S. Soldiers in Somalia ?

Killing 100's of Africans proves no humanitarian mission.

Per ususal, the American left understood nothing about the U.S. intervention in Somalia. They dragged out their tired terminology -- self-determination, racist occupation -- and tried to apply it where it was utterly useless. They dragged out the tired and stupid Oil in Somalia argument. They urged Americans to support the "heroic Somali resistance", whatever that was supposed to be. Their ideology prevented them from understanding why the U.S. intervention was wrong and doomed to fail. The following text was printed on the reverse side of the flyer:

Why are U.S. Soldiers in Somalia ?

What happened to "Operation Restore Hope" ? What happened to a "humanitarian mission to feed people"? The massacre of over 100 Somalis on Thursday Sep. 9, by U.S. helicopter gunships and tanks proves this is no "humanitarian mission." This outrage, which can be compared to the slaughter of Native Americans by U.S. cavalry, shows that all the talk about humanitarian Pentagon is a pack of lies. The heroic Somali resistance to the occupation of their homeland comes from all parts of society. They consider this brutal U.S. invasion as a colonial-type occupation. The U.S. military spokesman in Mogadishu said that, "the women and children are combatants." If this is true, it shows the wide level of popular resistance.

What about the drought and the starvation? That was almost entirely over by December 1992 when the U.S. first sent over 28,000 troops. In fact, according to the Red Cross, it is much harder to deliver food and medicines since the troops have gotten there, because they have created such a hostile environment. One young soldier, who watched the TV coverage of Somalia before he was sent to Mogadishu said, "It's not like I saw on TV, we didn't deliver any food, it was mostly patroling, searching houses and burning stuff."

Wby did the U.S. really send troops to Somalia? The Horn of Africa is one of the most strategic territories on the entire continent. It controls access to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. The Pentagon generals would love to set up a permanent base in this critical area. Somalia is also oil rich. Several billion-dollar oil companies have bought the oil rights from the previous regime. These huge corporations want "law and order" in Somalia so they can pump out the oil. In fact, Conoco, the oil company that has the largest holdings in Somalia, has allowed the U.S. troops to use Conoco headquarters in Mogadishu as a command post and de facto embassy.

Another reason the U.S. war machine is in Somalia is that it needs an enemy, it needs a mission. General Colin Powell, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, called the operation in Somalia, "a paid political advertisement" for maintaining the current military budget. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Pentagon has come under growing pressure to radically cut its bloated budget. The $300 billion a year arms industry links over 70,000 military contractors, including the largest corporations in the world, with the Pentagon. The Generals and the weapons makers are using the intervention in Somalia to justify their very existence.

Join us to build a multinational movement that demands that all the money spent on weapons and killing be spent instead on jobs, housing, healthcare and education. Stop the U.S. war in Somalia, End the Racist Occupation of this African Country! Support the Heroic Somali Resistance!

The International Action Center is a multinational organization dedicated to ending U.S. militarism. The IAC has fought against the U.S. wars in Panama and Iraq. The IAC has also opposed the U.S. occupation of Somalia since its very beginning in December 92. The IAC and Ramsey Clark, the lAC's founder, organized the first nationally coordinated protests against the war in that same month. Help us end the war in Somalia. Volunteer your time, send donations and keep informed. (212) 633-6646 39 W. 14th SJ #206 NYC 10011

See also The Racist Implications of President Clinton's African Policy


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